2021 Ultimate Guide to Holiday Hiring

2021 Ultimate Guide to Holiday Hiring

Holiday Hiring Unwrapped

The question this year is, how do you effectively recruit for the unknown? This year’s holiday season promises to present unique challenges and opportunities to recruiters. From planning for the pandemics’ unpredictable shifts to overcoming a diminished talent pool recruiting for the season will look different compared to years gone by. It’s going to be more important than ever to face the season with a strong recruiting plan in place to account for an ever-changing work landscape. 

In our 2021 Ultimate Guide to Holiday Hiring, we will take you through the challenges and offer tips, insights, and statistics to help recruiters whether the season successfully. From learning what skills your seasonal hires will need to possess to how COVID-19 has altered consumer behavior, this guide covers it all. We’ve included interview questions, tips for writing temp and seasonal job descriptions, how and what incentives to consider and more. 

The Unexpected Twist

Find out what impact the pandemic is having on consumer behavior and how it will affect seasonal hiring. 

Identify Your Staffing Needs

Each company should have a list of departments and positions whose volume will increase with the season. Find out what the top positions are.

Customize Seasonal Job Descriptions

While temporary positions may mimic some of a companies’ year-round roles, you should never recycle job descriptions. To attract the best talent, you should update and customize your seasonal job descriptions each hiring season. Get tips and suggestions as well as a downloadable temp job template

Temp Job Post

Include Social Media In Your Strategy

In this day and age, it’s time to scrap traditional hiring methods when it comes to attracting seasonal workers. Social media can be an exceptional place to find candidates. Get stats on social recruiting and find out how to use this powerful resource. 

Why you need social media in your recruiting strategy

Get An Early Start On The Competition

The time to start planning for holiday recruiting is now. Remember that you’re not the only game in town looking to hire seasonal talent. Find out the best strategy to get ahead of the competition. 

Modify Your Interview Questions For Holiday Talent

Your season hires may be temporary, but the impression that they make on your customers could be permanent. Get tips on what questions to add to your interview process with the article below. 

Providing Incentives For Seasonal Talent

Just because a role is only a few months long, don’t assume every seasonal hire will see their employment term to the end. See what top companies are doing to attract and retain top talent.  

Employer Branding Was Made For Seasonal Hiring

Never overlook the importance of employer branding in your recruiting strategy. In fact, if used correctly it can be an essential tool in seasonal hiring. Get stats and tips on how to use employer branding in your seasonal hiring strategy.  

Employer Branding Ad

Think Beyond The Holiday Season

If you want customers to return long after the holiday glow is gone, pay close attention to your seasonal hiring process. Learn how to use the effort you put in now all year round with the 2021 Ultimate Seasonal Hiring Guide 

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