A Sneak Peek Into Our Hourly Candidate Opinion Webinar

A Sneak Peek Into Our Hourly Candidate Opinion Webinar

There’s no denying that many industries currently find themselves in a challenging market. Companies of all sizes are finding it difficult to establish a healthy pipeline of new recruits for their customers while retaining their existing candidates. 

Work4 decided to take the conversation directly to hourly applicants with a survey sent to over 11,000 hourly candidate applicants covering a wide variety of topics. We gathered insights about everything from what candidates find most attractive in a job listing and how COVID-19 has affected their job hunt, to job searching behaviors and what factors rank improve job satisfaction. 

The results of this survey show clear data for each of the questions presented to the candidates. We will be presenting all of our findings as well as key takeaways for agencies to consider in our upcoming Examining Hourly Candidate Viewpoints in Today’s Hiring Market webinar. You can register to attend the webinar here, but as a sneak peek, read on for the top 4 things we learned about hourly candidates in our recent survey. 

Hourly Candidate Viewpoints


COVID-19’s Impact on The Hourly Candidate Market

We asked our respondents to weigh in on how the pandemic has affected their job search in both methods and ease. We found that 50% of our respondents felt that the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has made their job search more difficult. Check in to the webinar to see what other details we uncovered.

Social Recruiting is Here to Stay

Tune in to the October 26th webinar to see which channel ranked as top contenders for social recruiting. This data can help you make an informed decision on which platform should see the bulk of your recruiting marketing efforts as we head into the new year and beyond. 

Rent, Rent, Rent

Did you know that salary isn’t the top factor that prompts an applicant to click apply on your ad? During the webinar, we’ll discuss the top factors that lead to a candidate’s decision to apply for a job. You may be surprised at what the data shows.  

Cash is Still King, But There’s More

While 85% of respondents listed salary as the top factor in job satisfaction, it was not the only contender. During the webinar, we’ll cover what other factors are top contributors to your workforce’s job satisfaction. 

To Sum Up 

The results of this survey show clear data on the state of the hourly job sector. We encourage recruiters of any industry in the hourly sector to join us on Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 at 10:00 am MST to experience our webinar: Hourly Candidate Viewpoints in Today’s Hiring Market. In it, we’ll explore each of the survey questions presented to the candidates as well as key takeaways for recruiters to consider. We encourage you to use this information to help make decisions on the issues that affect candidates the most. After our presentation, you’ll be able to face the end of the year as well as head into the new year making data-based decisions. Register for our webinar today!

Hourly Candidate Viewpoints

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