Building Your Driver Recruiting Tech Stack for 2022

Driver Recruiting Tech Stack for 2022

The last eighteen months have had the trucking industry in a constant state of upheaval. One that has brought the importance of the trucking industry and the part it plays in our supply chain and the economy as a whole to the forefront of the nation’s collective minds. Additionally, the turmoil has driven the decade-long driver shortage into sharper focus making driver recruiting more critical now than ever before. That means today’s driver recruiters need every single tool available to them to be successful. And, one of the most essential components of a well-rounded toolbox is a strong driver recruiting tech stack.  

Why is Technology Important in Driver Recruiting? 

With the right systems in place, driver recruiters can leverage technology to operate more efficiently, build better candidate relationships and get more drivers on the road faster. In short, when utilized correctly, modern technology is poised to become the infrastructure that supports human relationships in recruiting. 

Technology Can Help Source More Drivers at Scale 

Driver recruiters can no longer afford to operate with manual processes and old-school practices. Of course, ‘human’ will always be the most important aspect of any human resources department but with a recruiting-specific platform, like Work4 recruiters can reach more leads, get more drivers into their talent pipeline, and get more trucks on the road in less time.

Technology Can Improve Candidate Experiences 

Driver recruiting doesn’t just start with a job post and end with a hire. The candidate experience includes everything from employer branding to candidate nurturing all the way through onboarding and integrating a new driver into your team. A recent survey from Career Plug found that as many as 58% of job seekers would decline a job offer due to a poor recruiting experience. The components and partners you choose for your recruiting tech stack need to help you streamline as many touchpoints as possible during the candidate journey. 

Driver Recruiting Success

The Right Platform Can Bring You More Qualified Candidates

The trucking industry may be in need of drivers, but as any good fleet owner can tell you, not just any driver will do.  So with so many options out there, which platform is right for your fleet? Opinions vary and you’ll need to decide what works best for your company. But, to give you a starting point, statistics from Trucker News show around 63 percent of drivers use Facebook, 54 percent for YouTube, and 15 percent for Instagram. With detailed targeting ATS integrations, bidding optimizations, pre-filled forms, support for creatives, and candidate quality tracking options Work4 can help you get the most out of your social media recruitment marketing budget. 

What is an ATS

Technology Solutions Can Optimize Internal Operations 

To say that driver recruiters have a lot on their plates would be an understatement. A lot of steps go into the process of acquiring talent. From creating job descriptions to sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, offering, and onboarding each driver candidate represents a significant investment in time. Proper tech solutions can help to free up recruiters from some of the more mundane manual tasks and give them more time to focus on building relations with candidates. 

Tools like APIs, ATSes, and CRMs can help to streamline, consolidate and automate processes like job postings, resume importing, interview scheduling, and candidate tracking to ensure your internal operations run smoothly.

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Your Driver Recruiting Tech Stack for 2021 and Beyond

Creating an optimal tech stack comes down to finding the right solutions for your fleet. It should address the primary challenges you face, offer hands-on support when needed, and be easy to use for maximum utilization. New technology is constantly challenging the status quo of driver recruiting. At Work4, we continually monitor our capabilities and product offerings as necessary to meet evolving driver recruiting challenges. If you’d like to see why we are number one in driver recruiting solutions click below to speak with one of our team members about a tailored solution for your fleet. 

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