Driver Recruiting Report 2022 Edition

Driver Recruiting Report

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Driver Profiles

Employment Stats

Preferred Job Titles

Job Satisfaction  Factors

Job Search Behaviors

Contact Preferences

Driver Opinions

The Road Ahead


  • The following report examines the results of a survey that was emailed to over 10,000  professional CDL drivers.
  • The purpose of the survey was to gather information on what drivers felt about the recruiting process, driver retention, and job satisfaction factors in today’s driver market. 
  • Data was collected during the first 2 weeks of January 2022.


Transportation is the backbone of our economy and it’s no secret that we’re in the midst of one of the most competitive driver markets in the history of the industry. Carriers today are faced with the challenge of retaining their existing driver base while struggling to fill more trucks with new drivers.

At the beginning of the year, Work4 surveyed a pool of professional drivers, asking them for their insight on some of the industry’s most important issues. The results show clear data for each of the questions presented and we’ve added key takeaways for carriers to consider while developing their recruiting and retention strategies for 2022.

Driver Profiles:

Driver Profiles

Driver Profiles 2

Insights by the Numbers:

Of our responders, 43% said they had been in the industry for over 10 years yet 98% of respondents have been with their current carrier less than 5 years and 38% less than 1 year. This data holds true to the transportation industry’s average turnover rate of 90% and shows that unhappy drivers won’t hesitate to make a move.

Employment Stats:

Employment Stats

Candidate Pool Break Down:

Of our respondents, 72% selected employed at the time of the survey, however, 52% stated that they were actively seeking new employment while 30% said they would be open 

to a new job if the right opportunity presented itself. 

This data shows us that 42%, nearly half of the current driver pool is made up of passive candidates. As we enter the new year, make sure your recruiting strategy includes targeting this audience for the best hires.

Which Job Titles Have the Highest Appeal?

Job Titles That Appeal

Annual Appeal:

When it comes to attracting drivers 60% of respondents said they would be willing to accept a lower pay rate to be home daily. Another interesting takeaway is that drivers are more likely to respond to a posting with the annual salary listed than with a signing bonus or CPM listed.

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Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

Happy Drivers:

Top job satisfaction factors include benefits and bonuses. When attracting new drivers to your trucks, consider what perks you can offer besides compensation, and don’t hesitate to think outside the box!

Job Satisfaction

Write In’s:

Below are some of the write-in answers we received for the question “Other than consistent home time, what is the one thing that would increase your job satisfaction?”

Job Satisfaction 3

The Drive for Satisfaction:

Sign-on bonuses were a big factor for 2021, but the 2022 fleet force is looking for more work-life balance. Based on survey results,  you’ll need to offer more than monetary compensation to attract top talent. 

To retain your drivers, and increase job satisfaction prioritize initiatives designed to ensure they feel valued and respected by your company.

Job Search Behaviors

Job Search Tools

Insights by the Numbers:

Online job boards and Facebook continue to be the top job search tools for drivers when seeking new employment opportunities. As we head into the new year, ensure that you are utilizing these platforms in your recruitment strategies.

Job Apply

Meet Drivers Where They Are:

As expected, according to survey results, mobile devices are coming in as the number one place drivers prefer to apply for work. Drivers spend the majority of their time on the go. That means that in today’s technology-driven world, if you haven’t already switched, now is the time to move to a mobile-first initiative to ensure you are meeting candidates where they are.

Recruiter Contact

Mind the Time:

The first step to showing driver candidates respect is to be mindful of their contact preferences. According to the survey results, drivers prefer recruiter contact via email earlier in the day.

Recruiter Contact 2

Recruiting by the Numbers:

38% of our driver respondents say that they hear from recruiters daily. If your recruiter team isn’t reaching out to candidates, your competition surely is. Keep recruiting contact on a consistent  schedule to ensure that your fleet is staying top of mind for driver candidates. 

Driver Comments

During the survey, we asked drivers:  “What’s one thing you wish your employer knew about truck driving?”

Driver Comments
Driver Comments 2

Driver Shortage

Driver Shortage

What’s Driving the Driver Shortage?

The driver’s long-form responses if nothing else show how our truckers feel in today’s stressful transportation environment. At a time when recruitment and retention are the keys to the success of every fleet, the focus for 2022 will lay heavily on competitive wages, transparency, honesty, and the job satisfaction of your drivers.

The Road Ahead

It’s clear from the findings of our survey, that today’s driver candidates are looking for more than a paycheck. They want work-life balance, strong company cultures, and a sense of belonging to the fleets they work for. In a candidate-driven market carriers who can meet these demands will see lower churn and higher loyalty levels. 

Each new year brings new challenges to the road ahead, but with Work4 as your recruiting partner, it is possible to fill your trucks with top-quality drivers. 

Driver Recruiting Report Ad

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