Guide to Do’s and Don’ts of Driver Hiring During the Shortage

Guide to do's and don'ts of driver hiring

The ongoing driver shortage is one of the top topics of conversation for every carrier nationwide. Given the fact that our truckers are responsible for moving 72% of our country’s freight, a lack of drivers equals a substantial disruption to the US supply chain. When you’re searching for ways to find and keep truck drivers, during this historic shortage, it’s important to know the difference between gimmicks like hefty signing bonuses and the tried and true strategies that actually work. 

In a recent Work4 Survey, we found that while the signing bonus may have worked in the past, only about 8% of today’s drivers found them appealing in a job posting.  In a time when carriers struggle not only to find enough qualified drivers who they want to hire, recruitment intelligence is precisely what trucking companies of all sizes need right now.

Guide to Do's and Don't of Driver Hiring

Use This Guide to:

  • Increase the volume of your driver candidate sourcing
  • Accelerate your driver hiring process
  • Improve your driver retention strategy

Side Note:

All of the stats for this guide came from the research found in our Driver Recruiting Report 2022 Edition Download the free report now to gain valuable insight into creating a recruiting strategy that works!

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