How It Works

Leverage advanced algorithms and big data on social and across the internet to source job candidates, bringing more applicants to you.

1 • Your active job offers are retrieved effortlessly

Work4 utilizes many methods for job intake including:
XML feeds
Scraping job postings
directly from your career
site or ATS
Manual job postings

2 • Your jobs are broadcast and optimized to attract candidates

Work4’s recruitment technology utilizes continuous feedback loops to promote jobs
Job offers are formatted to guarantee optimal rendering on all platforms thanks to our proprietary ETL Technology
Budget is dynamically reallocated to the best sources to bring you the most qualified candidates at the best price
Your ideal candidate is targeted based on interest and behavior criteria utilizing big data and algorithms
Your jobs are promoted automatically to platforms such as job boards and social media via API
Audience, job information, and geographic targeting are optimized employing data analytics to promote visibility and increase qualified traffic

3 • Candidate Information is Retrieved and Reformatted for your Team

Work4 limits the loss of candidates through simplified applications, with essential information for recruiters

Candidate Info Retrieved

Our technology retrieves applications via webhook

Quality Focused

Unqualified applications can be filtered out to alleviate recruiter workload

Resume Creation

Information can be summarized in a reconstructed resume that is easy for recruiters to review

4 • Qualified candidates are delivered to you

We offer many application delivery solutions which are customized fit your current process and allow your team to focus on recruiting

ATS Integrations

Integrations with over 30 applicant tracking systems and proprietary HR Management Software

Client Accessible API

Easily access our API to import applicant data directly into your proprietary ATS


Candidate information organized and delivered to your inbox in a csv or xls on a set schedule

Email Form

Basic candidate information sent directly to your inbox

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