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How Ryder is outperforming the competition with Work4 and custom Facebook Ads

Leaving the Competition in the Dust

Through their partnership with work4 Ryder has been able to leave the competition in the dust by gaining exposure to driver audiences they wouldn’t have reached on their own.


Ryder, a Fortune 500 company, is the leader in fleet management solutions, as well as supply chain management and logistics for businesses of all sizes.

  • Customer since – 2018
  • Position(s) to fill – CDL Drivers

The Challenges:

  • Optimize their job visibility where drivers spend most of their time, on Facebook
  • Reach more candidate leads & improve their hiring process
  • Pre-qualify candidates to reduce strain on recruiters

The Solution: 

To help Ryder make the most out of Facebook, Work4 implemented their proprietary targeting system to reach audiences Ryder couldn't reach on their own. To allow Ryder to rank applicants, different sets of custom qualifying questions were created to gather information on the CDL license, years of experience, and other qualifying criteria. This allowed Ryder to categorize applicants and move candidates through the funnel depending on their level of qualification.

The Results:

In the first 6 months of 2022: over 4,000 driver leads received via Facebook Ads

In Their Own Words:

“Work4 helps us get exposure in places outside of typical job boards where more job seekers are spending their time. It would be very hard to get our postings seen without that additional exposure.”
Abigail Lawson,
Director Recruitment, DTS/SCS Drivers
Ryder System, Inc.

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