Why the Most Successful Call Centers Use Facebook to Recruit

Why the Most Successful Call Centers Use Facebook to Recruit

At Work4, we’ve been working with call center and BPO organizations for more than a decade. In that time, what we’ve found is that many call center recruiters have a hard time reaching the right candidates using traditional recruiting methods. They know who their ideal candidate is, but it seems that they are nowhere to be found. Not good news in the middle of a labor shortage for an industry that was already experiencing a 30% – 45% turnover rate, before the pandemic caused massive shifts in the employment sector. The good news is that there is a solution, read on to find out how traditional recruiting can fall short, and why the most successful call centers use Facebook to recruit top talent. 

Why Traditional Recruiting Falls Short

When it comes to call center and BPO recruiting, not only do recruiters need to fill roles quickly and efficiently, but they also need to make smart hires to reduce turnover. However, traditional sourcing tools often fall short of expectations. Utilizing Facebook to recruit can help. Let’s look at why: 

Traditional Recruiting Fails to Target the Right Demographics

Today’s workforce is largely made up of Gen X’ers,  Millennials, and the beginnings of Gen Z’ers. Yet recruiters tend to advertise their open roles on traditional job boards and sites whose user bases skew towards the 45 to 60-year-old range. This means that many call centers are spending a lot of time, effort, and budget to address only a portion of their target audience. 

When looking at Facebook’s demographics, we see that as of June 2022, 60% of U.S. Facebook users fall between the ages of 24 to 44 years old with the largest segment being the 25 to 34-year-old category. 

The Generation Gap


Traditional Recruiting May not Always Reach Tech-savvy Candidates

When it comes to call center representatives, organizations need candidates that are comfortable with using new software and dealing with multiple technology interfaces in order to solve tickets and be productive. But when it comes to lead sourcing, they don’t always utilize recruitment methods that effectively reach that audience.

Using Facebook for recruiting allows call centers the opportunity to screen candidates and even assess their skill sets in the digital environment where they spend most of their online time. 

Traditional Recruiting Doesn’t Source Candidates at High Volume

Due to high turnover rates call center recruiters are often in search of a high volume of quality applicants but traditional recruiting channels don’t tackle the largest available source of candidates.

Oftentimes, job boards only gather a small candidate pool. As an example, one of the top-rated call center job boards in the country, Callcenterjobs.com only has an estimated 8k visitors each month. 

Facebook has an estimated 76k monthly visitors who work as call center agents that you can directly advertise to. Furthermore, when you partner with Work4 we have targeting designed to reach proprietary audiences that can’t be accessed any other way. 

Traditional Recruiting Doesn’t Diversify

Recruiters for call center candidates need to be able to address various concerns from various types of customers yet traditional recruiting methods only reach a single candidate audience.

To be able to effectively accommodate different types of customers, the best approach for call center staffing is to have a variety of personalities and backgrounds in the workforce. 

Facebook, with its 2 billion users, offers the largest and most diverse candidate pool in the world.  It also allows recruiters to advertise jobs to specific targeted audiences enabling them to show specific messages to relevant segmented audiences of potential candidates.

Traditional Recruiting Doesn’t Build an Employer Brand

Employer branding is the story an organization tells that shows potential employees what working for their organization could be like. True, job advertising that doesn’t promote employer branding will still bring in candidates to a job, but when done correctly employer branding brings candidates to a company. It’s a distinguishing factor that can greatly reduce turnover rates. 

Once again, Facebook is a great tool to develop and promote your company’s employer brand. From employee testimonials and quotes to social job sharing and real-time interactions Facebook is the number one tool for building better employer branding.  

Kickstart Your Employer Branding Efforts


Successful Recruiting With Work4 and Facebook

With traditional recruiting, a job is posted to career sites or other mediums and recruiters begin the “needle in a haystack” search for quality candidates in the stacks of unqualified resumes they receive. With Work4,  job posts are served to a highly targeted yet diversified pool of qualified candidates. 


Through proprietary targeting your open jobs can be delivered to your ideal candidates, increasing your volume of leads as well as your chances of getting great hires. Book a meeting today to see how we can help you meet your recruiting goals and fill your open positions.


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