2022 Hiring Trends Report

2022 Hiring Trends Report


In the last eighteen months as we’ve ridden through the ups and downs of the pandemic era the recruitment market has become a forever altered landscape. With the rise of remote work, flex schedules, social hiring, and virtual interviews as well as the ever-shifting needs of the modern workforce, recruiting has drastically changed over the past year. 2021 brought us unprecedented uncertainty, a tight candidate-driven market, and The Great Resignation. It was a year where many recruiters may have found themselves relying on reactive solutions to tackle new challenges. Work4’s 2022 Hiring Trends Report will help you meet the upcoming challenges head-on and take data-driven steps to overcome them. 


Hiring Trends Report

Insights Revealed in the Report Include: 

  • Even without a market disrupter like a pandemic in the mix, each year brings new changes, challenges, and trends to the recruiting industry. Find out which pandemic-era recruiting tools and technologies will continue to shape the industry. 
  • With over 4.48 billion users worldwide, social media is here to stay. In our white paper, we reveal which platforms recruiters plan to utilize the most for 2022.
  • We expect that every industry will continue to see a candidate-driven market for years to come. From internal initiatives, upskilling, reskilling, and candidate nurturing, find out what recruiters’ top priorities and focuses will be as we head into the new year
  • Staying current in the constantly changing landscape of the staffing industry requires adapting to trends, rather than resisting them. From social recruiting to messaging platforms learn what the top 5 recruiting trends for 2022 will be. 

Use the 2022 Hiring Trends Report to:

  • Get key insights into the 5 trends defining recruiting in 2022 and which practices will have the biggest impact on talent acquisition.  
  • Learn how technology is shaping the future face of the recruiting industry and how to use it to attract new candidates entering the job market. 
  • Adapt to a candidate-driven market with a new focus on candidate nurturing, employee retention, diversification, and upskilling. 

About Work4

Our people work diligently to bring you the latest in recruitment marketing and technology solutions. From high volume candidate lead generation to social recruiting, candidate nurturing, and recruitment marketing we have the ability to tailor the solution that is right for your brand. 

Moving to the future, no matter what industry you are in, change is inevitable. As the talent acquisition industry evolves, the dedicated team at Work4 continues to evolve with it. 

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