Our New Look, Putting the Human in HR Technology

Logo Work4

Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve created a new look for Work4, along with a new brand identity and logo. 

Our goal was to merge our historically technologically focused past with something we have known for a long time – that human is the most important part of human resources

Why was it time to change?

Looking back on our 10 years, we noticed a disconnect between our 100% technology focused brand image and the individuals who have helped our lean technology company become a success.

Now we hope to showcase both the technological and the human elements equally – the technology facilitating the connection between the right candidate and the fantastic recruiters and hiring managers we are proud to serve. 

As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded as well. Historically our technology focused on helping hiring teams recruit on Facebook, but we now source candidates from multiple channels.

Colors and Logos

In designing our new logo, our aim was to respect our past while adding a touch of modernity to it.

It was important for the logo to be easily identifiable while respecting digital codes: we settled on a “w” representing our name in an accessible and effective typography.

It was built on the idea of ​​making two elements coexist:

  • Our historic blue representing technology
  • A trace of paint representing the warmth and energy humans bring to HR

Our Areas of Expertise

In addition to evolving technologically, these 10 years of experience have allowed us to understand our customers better – developing expertise for our key business sectors, in order to better respond to each individual team’s specific needs.Production

It is this industry oriented approach that we want to reflect in our new identity, by highlighting these industries and their employees.

Each industry page was given a color to represent the people who work in that industry.

Our New Website

Our website has also been completely redesigned to match our identity.

This in-depth work also led us to simplify the domain name of our new website, which can be found at the following address : https://work4.io/ 

Looking to the Future

We’re proud of our past, our technology, the things we have learned, and how we have grown as a company. We’re thankful for the co-workers, customers, and candidates who got us here today. And we’re excited about the future with our new brand identity.

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