Why You Should be Recruiting With Conversion Marketing

Recruiting With Conversion Marketing

Once upon a time all a recruiter had to do was post a job, screen the applications, interview the top candidates and hire the best of the bunch. But modern candidates have begun behaving more like consumers. Today’s job seeker is well informed, knows their worth, and is continuously looking to advance professionally. So, how then can a contemporary employer attract the right candidates? Employer branding is one piece of the puzzle, but if you’re not recruiting with conversion marketing you’re only getting half of the picture. 

What is Employer Branding

What is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion marketing refers to tactics that encourage an audience to perform a desired response to your call to action (CTA). In terms of recruiting, this involves moving a candidate down the path to completing a given CTA such as opting in to an email nurturing campaign or completing an application on your website. This method of recruitment effectively turns your talent acquisition team into a sales force. Their mission? To sell candidates on a new career.

Why is Conversion Marketing Important to Recruiting? 

To put it plainly, recruiting efforts don’t matter if you don’t hire the candidate. Conversion marketing aims to increase your talent pool by focusing on the candidate’s experience while persuading them to convert. As we said before, this “conversion” could be any action that you want a potential candidate to perform such as opting in to an email list, filling out an application, or scheduling an interview time. 

But there’s more to it than that. Yes, conversion marketing gives you the tools to turn passive candidates into active leads. However, the real advantage of this type of marketing is the ability to drill down on analytics such as the number and source of applicants, specific channel conversion rates, hire rates by source, cost per lead, cost per applicant, and cost per hire. 

In short, conversion marketing allows you to place your focus on your recruiting goals, by optimizing recruitment campaigns for your desired goal action.

How Does Conversion Marketing Work in Recruiting?

Conversion marketing in recruiting utilizes the same technology that targets ads to customers but instead targets recruitment messaging to both active and passive candidates. It is done by running lead ads on platforms such as Facebook and Tiktoc, with targeting that serves your content to audiences more likely to convert into candidate leads (as opposed to impressions or clicks). Сonversion marketing allows you to pay close attention to how effectively your recruitment marketing converts as well as what the ROI is on your marketing dollars. 

Are You Ready to Recruit With Conversion Marketing?

According to ATS company iCIMS, 86% of HR professionals feel that recruitment is becoming more like marketing. Given the parallels between modern candidates and consumer behavior, recruiting with conversion marketing is set to become a top talent acquisition best practice. If you’re ready to find out how conversion marketing can increase the depth of your talent pool, contact Work4 today. 

We are a leader in social recruiting, lead generation, conversion marketing, candidate nurturing, and employer branding. Our products can all be managed by one centralized system and integrate seamlessly with top ATS systems like Bullhorn, Avionte, iCims, Tenstreet, and DriverReach, to deliver leads directly to you. If you don’t yet use an ATS, we can deliver leads directly to your inbox, or through our own API access as well! 

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